A Recommendation of Me


I’ve cut some material from the beginning and end of this recommendation, because it was directed originally to a particular recipient, and I’ve removed the name of the person who wrote it (available upon request); but otherwise it is unchanged.

Matt gave a three day workshop/overview/tutorial for us and it was very impressive and helpful indeed.

Matt prepared an extensive outline, and covered all the many well-chosen topics he had set out for us. His knowledge of Frontier and its uses is encylopedic, his presentation is very clear and easily understood, and he is quite obviously engaged by the material and by the teaching of it. He is generous with his time and an animated and energetic presence when he is teaching. He also showed me some scripting projects that he had built for other clients, and they were quite intricate in function yet simple to use.

If you have followed any of the mailing lists related to Frontier I think you will see, as I have, that Matt’s analysis of problems presented on the lists goes right to the heart of the matter, and his explanations are simple, clear and direct. His work in person is just as good, and you get to ask questions!

You would do well to give Matt the most serious consideration; I can’t imagine that anyone else could do a better job of presenting material related to Frontier.

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