Note: This page has fallen into abeyance; I no longer actively support any of my HyperCard projects. However, I’ve left this information here, as it might be useful to those interested in HyperCard. Just be aware that the facts may be out of date and that I have no intention of updating them.

Things Having To Do With HyperCard

HyperCard-HyperTalk Help
A small online help app (made with DocMaker) covering all “hidden” features of HyperCard and all of the HyperTalk language. Frequently more correct and complete than the manuals. Unfortunately, doesn’t distinguish 2.1 syntax from 2.2 syntax; it just assumes you’ve got 2.2+ (sorry about that!). Click here to download it.
Guide To XCMDS
A HyperCard reference stack listing quite a lot of the XCMDs and XFCNs you can find out there on the nets or on the HyperStacks CD-ROM. Good for answering the question, “Is there an XCMD that can…?” Version as of October 1995. Click here to download it.
Review of Hypercard
A short history and review of Hypercard 2.2, published in TidBITS.
From HyperCard to REALbasic
An online article comparing HyperCard and REALbasic. Useful if you’re thinking of making the transition from the one to the other.

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