Barnes and Noble’s Review of My Frontier Book


Frontier: The Definitive Guide

Matt Neuburg
O’Reilly $34.95
ISBN 1-565-92383-9


Few Mac software packages can do more for your productivity than UserLand’s Frontier. While Frontier is in some ways the Swiss Army Knife of Mac software, the easiest way to understand it is as a scripting language.

Do you want Quark Xpress to build a catalog based on a FileMaker database? Or, maybe, you want to transform all the PICTs in a Word file into GIFs? Or create hundreds of related Web pages automatically? Just use Frontier to write a script. If you’re already using Frontier, you know it’s easier than most other scripting languages. … But whether you’re a newbie or a fanatic, you can go a lot further with a little help from Matt Neuburg.

There’s only one Frontier book, but it’s a really good one. Frontier: The Definitive Guide teaches you Frontier from the ground up. It’s jam-packed with examples, advice, tricks and tips. And it’s a terrific guide to Frontier’s fast-growing Web management capabilities.


This page prepared August 20, 2012 by Matt Neuburg, phd = matt at tidbits dot com, using RubyFrontier. RubyFrontier is a port, written in the Ruby language, of the Web-site-creation features of UserLand Frontier. Works just like Frontier, but written in Ruby!
Download RubyFrontier from GitHub.